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Yarn Production

Textile Production

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100% Tencel
MADE IN Portugal


  • Fiber Origin

    Austria Certificated Supplier

  • Yarn Production

    Austria Certificated Supplier

  • Textile Production

    Portugal Certificated Supplier

  • Fabric Transformation

    Portugal Certificated Supplier

  • Garment Production

    Portugal Certificated Supplier


Innovation, creativity, and quality were the pruposes of the founders. And 51 years later these values are still come of the most important principles of the company Adalberto.
This vertical portuguese company is pionner in printing processes, wich is maintained as the brand image. Adalberto also is the european pionner in the digital printing process with, a framework that is still true today.
In the last few years, due to the investment in ecological processes, Adalberto had a 20% reduction in the water consumed, reduced the energy consumed by 42%, uses only renewable energy sources and has several developments and optimizations to recycle and reduce industrial waste.
Adalberto is part of the European Union mega project on circular economy (eureka project).

Example of Adalberto energy platform.


Adalberto’s main pillars are innovation, social responsibility and sustainability. For this reason, all the energy that Adalberto uses in the company comes from renewable sources (water, solar and wind). As transparency is important to us, we believe that it is not enough to say but to show this green certification, for this reason Adalberto, together with an energy company, has a project for tracking energy based on blockchain technology that allows us to understand where these green electrons in real time.
This system won the innovation award of the decade in the energy sector at the Green Chain Road Economic forum, where Adalberto was a pioneer.
Green chain road economic forum as the decade’s innovation in the energy sector, a pioneer worldwide, a pilot project carried out at adalberto. It is based on block chain technology and allows you to track energy from the point of production to the point of consumption.